Public Sector

Governance and public policy issues have been “duly” classified as very complex and ‘wicked’ problems. At Estrategya, we have simplified and designed our Public Sector Services and Systems specifically to address the most challenging, complex, and “wicked” socio-economic issues, policies, programs and projects of governments at all levels and how it affects the society at large and our client’s businesses at the micro-levels.

We understand that our clients, irrespective of which category they belong are constantly making complex decisions that revolves around political, regulatory, and commercial considerations. As such, we often proffer varying value propositions for each client and the accompanying tailored services to suit them. However, our overall attributes to solutions for them follow the under listed basics:

  • Expertise; Estrategya leadership team has extensive local and international experience and exposure to various analytical frameworks and operational models from which to draw to deliver solutions.
  • Precision Thinking; Combining integrity, transparency and accountability to ensure that for the entire project duration, all clients and stakeholders truly understand and buy into the process, their roles, the goals, and how their participation will be mutually beneficial.
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness; Just-In-Time approach to project team configuration to enable us to minimize costs, optimize budgets, and involve relevant solution providers.
  • Sustainability; We are not just a ‘full-service provider’. Our project lifecycle capacities do not abruptly end at the point of execution. We are intent on seeing a project through until it is an embedded part of the client’s improved ecosystem and operations.

Government spending now represents about 20 percent of the $60 trillion total global economies. Estrategya works with national and regional governments, city municipalities and quasi-government agencies such as development funds and trade associations as well as government-owned companies to realize their economic and social goals. The public sector’s influence comes directly, through government entities, state-owned enterprises and institutional funding, as well as indirectly, through regulation and oversight.

The sector is facing major challenges, such as rising costs, growing deficits, shifting centres of economic activity, a burgeoning war for talent and increasingly demanding customers.

With extensive expertise in public sector matters and documented successful organizational improvement engagements, Estrategya partners with our clients to anticipate, identify and overcome complex challenges, often unique to the public sector. Our team of experienced professionals advises and collaborates with many public sector clients, providing a wide range of customized solutions.

Our Public Sector Consulting team works closely with our clients to provide a range of advisory services, including policy advancement, business case advisory, ministries and agencies transformation, financial performance improvement, and social care integration support. We help the public sector perform efficiently by identifying and addressing strategic challenges and major operational the sector is facing and proffering solutions to help for government agencies at the local / regional level achieve their goals and maximize public policy outcomes. We understand the unique challenges of the sector and specialize in delivering value that positively impacts the society at large.

We partner with our public sector clients to carefully assess their contextual realities, evolve a visionary view of their organization’s future state, strategic direction and articulate the tactical actions that will significantly enhance performance and best serve their long-term objectives.

Unique Service Offerings include:

As stand-alone services, any option in our collection is designed and executed to deliver tangible gains across stakeholders. In combination, these services are greater than the sum of their parts in ensuring any lasting transformative gains for a system-wide optimization. Briefly, they are:

  • Policy & Program Evaluation; Input-output-impact-outcome measurement frameworks & analysis, review of unintended consequences.
  • Tailored Research & Strategy Development; synthesized vision, identified gaps, execute a cohesive strategy.
  • Public Financial Management & Revenue Optimization Systems; revenue generation, debt management, financial planning & independence.
  • Governance & Institutional Reform; Restructure/reorganize, fitness for purpose, eliminate constraints, create new platforms.


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