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A powerful confluence is occurring in the world of sustainability and environmental management. Organizations are increasingly being asked to create comprehensive ESG programs with accurate reporting that will satisfy a variety of stakeholders, from customers to boards to investors and beyond — and it’s the EHS teams that are being required to make it happen, according to a new ebook from Environment+Energy Leader.
Shifting from an EHS mindset to one that considers EHS as just one part of a holistic ESG program can be a challenge, but there are a number of compelling reasons to do so. One of the most compelling of these reasons is to mitigate risk. By failing to address ESG factors, companies face the traditional risks of loss of reputation or being penalized for non-compliance. But new risks are emerging, including the fact that companies are beginning to find it more expensive or impossible to raise capital if they’re perceived as being below the benchmark for sustainable performance, according to Peter Walsh, director of business development in Europe with Benchmark Digital.
One of the best ways to begin building a comprehensive ESG program is to consider implementing a digital ecosystem that connects people, processes and systems across the organization. Having access to data from a sophisticated digital management system is important in that it is repeatable, traceable, and shareable across business sectors, Benchmark Digital explains.
Other steps to building a mature ESG program include:
The new ebook from Environment + Energy Leader, From EHS to ESG: How Do I Get There (And Why Should I Care?), explores the new realities of environmental and financial sustainability, and explains how sustainability professionals can enact these steps to successfully navigate the shifting landscape and build their own comprehensive ESG program.
Download the ebook here.
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