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Measurabl has acquired Hatch Data to enhance its smart ESG management platform for commercial real estate.
Hatch Data’s smart building platform is designed to decarbonize real estate portfolios and is built on open standards and made for interoperability. The system provides access to data from meters, building systems and internet of things sensors.
Measurabl’s platform provides a range of data to help commercial real estate operators measure, manage and report ESG performance. Measurabl says the Hatch Data system will allow it to add real-time building-level insights, project recommendations and other tools to help improve ESG performance and meet carbon goals and compliance needs.
The two systems will be fully integrated over time, Measurabl says. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
The Department of Energy says commercial and government buildings in the US account for 93 billion square feet of real estate and use 18% of the country’s primary energy and 35% of all electricity, generating 826 million metric tons of carbon emissions. The DOE says 30% of commercial buildings energy use is wasted.
Smart systems and as well as regulations have been put into place to help building managers make their facilities more efficient.
Automated systems and data can help identify heavy energy use in buildings, and the World Economic Forum released a framework to help buildings move toward net zero by investing in investing in digital, smart, and distributed renewable energy technologies.
Another ESG data provider, Sphera, contributes to a carbon reduction program by Blackstone, which has more than 10,000 real estate offerings. Denver last year became one of the first cities to require buildings to hit emissions and energy efficiency targets.
Measurabl’s platform is used by companies in 90 countries to manage and disclose ESG data from more than 12 billion square feet of commercial real estate. Hatch Data’s system helps manage more than 2,500 properties in the United States.
“This acquisition provides a valuable toolkit for the real estate industry that supports disclosure, implementation, and stakeholder engagement,” says Ben Myers, vice president of sustainability at Boston Properties.
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