Private Sector

As commodity prices fluctuate and environmental concerns continue to draw the attention of regulators, the Natural Resources industry is facing more pressures than ever. Operating at the centre of an international political debate over industry tax incentives, offshore drilling legislation, and alternative energy, the industry is faced with a unique set of challenges, complexities, and uncertainties.

Estrategya’s  Natural Resources Practice leverages deep industry experience and global resources in all of the world’s energy centres to help clients navigate tumultuous landscapes both at home and abroad. Our partners and professionals understand the intricacies of the industry, including shale technology, offshore drilling, and the unique reserve estimations, SEC issues, and tax strategies that accompany them. We have experience working with businesses in each segment of the energy and mining industries, including services companies that drive production.

Our partner-led service teams consist of professionals with a variety of multidisciplinary backgrounds, allowing them to serve clients with a uniquely comprehensive perspective. In addition to traditional audit, tax, and business consulting work, Estrategya also provides advisory on complex matters, including transaction advisory services, revenue recognition, reserve estimations, technology issues, and risk management in Egypt and globally.


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