Private Sector

Competition is heating up in the private equity market. Though more deals are closing, competition for qualified acquisitions is fierce. Further, as investors seek greater communication and better returns with lower management fees, the resulting low-price environment is leaving many PE sponsors feeling pressure to do more with less.

Estrategya’s Private Equity Practice supports Private Equity sponsors, funds, and their portfolio companies with a full spectrum of professional services. Our integrated, multidisciplinary teams support both buy- and sell-side transactions around the world, easily transitioning to serve both portfolio and fund. Our professionals include a wide range of industry leaders, with deep experience in manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, technology, healthcare, and many other key industries.

We assist private equity funds, portfolios, venture capital, mezzanine, and buyout firms, coordinating transactions in multiple countries. Our dedicated Private Equity teams provide fund services, transaction advisory, portfolio management, and compliance guidance.


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