Research & Benchmarking
We are experts in analyzing the external ecosystem that influences the growth and business strategies of global companies
Researching end-markets, demand-supply dynamics, competitors, customers, supply-chains, technologies, social / innovation trends, and industry disruptions are our forte
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Customer Needs Analysis

Generate ideas for product development or get dipstick feedback on your next innovation by talking to key customers/influencers in your market


Customer Segmentation and Buyer Personas

We use suitable qualitative and quantitative research techniques to develop actionable customer segments and buyer personas that can be leveraged for targeted marketing and sales programs


B2B Account Planning

We work with clients to help improve sales efficiencies and market share through research and analysis on customer segmentation, annual spending by key customers and share of wallet analysis


Sales Battle-Cards

Leverage our experience to develop battle-cards that can be an indispensable tool for your sales teams when pitching to large prospects or managing large global accounts


Customer Experience Studies

We work with clients to design and execute a one-time or ongoing customer satisfaction measurement framework that provides actionable insights on key improvement areas


Channel Planning & Effectiveness

Our expertise includes channel partner selection in new markets, benchmarking channel metrics and designing optimum distribution channels


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