Research & Benchmarking
We are experts in analyzing the external ecosystem that influences the growth and business strategies of global companies
Researching end-markets, demand-supply dynamics, competitors, customers, supply-chains, technologies, social / innovation trends, and industry disruptions are our forte
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Target Identification and Profiling

We provide in-depth profiles on identified targets or collaboratively work with clients to define a stage-wise criteria-based process starting from a long list to a short-list of 3-4 companies


Pre-Deal Business Due-Diligence Support

M&A teams leverage our market knowledge for in-depth research on a potential target’s business capabilities across different functional areas and benchmarking with peers


Merger-related Synergy Analysis and Modeling

From identifying synergies to modelling their financial impact and developing scenarios, our experts can work with you to ensure that synergy benefits are neither over nor under-stated


Transaction Valuation Support

Global clients leverage our combined market, technology, valuation and financial modelling expertise to develop in-depth assumptions and valuation scenarios for potential acquisitions


IP Due-Diligence and Valuation

When technical knowhow or IP is the core to the acquisition, we work with clients to assess both the quality and novelty of the technology and also the fair valuation for these intangible assets


IFRS: PPA and Goodwill Impairment

Our team of experts can provide comprehensive, audit-ready Purchase Price Allocation and Goodwill Impairment reports for business transactions that mitigate any future impairment risks


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