Research & Benchmarking
We are experts in analyzing the external ecosystem that influences the growth and business strategies of global companies
Researching end-markets, demand-supply dynamics, competitors, customers, supply-chains, technologies, social / innovation trends, and industry disruptions are our forte
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Long-range Business Planning Support

We work collaboratively with internal client teams to provide end-to-end research support on industry trends, market research analysis, growth opportunities and financial modelling


Business Portfolio Analysis and Divestment

We evaluate portfolio companies’ vis-à-vis a customized rubric framework that encompasses the growth, operational, financial and risk metrics that you would like to target for your business


Innovation Initiatives and Programs

We work with clients to answer critical questions relating to business or technology innovation, new business models, the impact of IoT or Industry 4.0 and threats from start-ups


Analyzing Business Disruption Trends

Be it a social or technology trend, or a start-up or new service model – we scan the ecosystem to map and evaluate the disruptive threats to your business in the medium to long term.


Building your B2B Brand

We offer a range of B2B brand research services relating to value mapping, brand proposition and positioning, brand value-funnel analysis, loyalty metrics and advertising effectiveness


Implementing Digital Strategies

We start with a digital relevance and readiness score for your industry and company and work collaboratively with clients to develop a time-bound digital strategy that has a measurable ROI


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