If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near
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Building your capabilities to manage business model innovation

Our research shows that…

Through anticipating massive change across diverse industries, top-performing CEOs will be able to focus on business model innovation as a path to competitive power and growth. To accomplish this, business leaders can utilize three main types of business model innovation: innovation in industry models, revenue models and/or enterprise models. These approaches to business model innovation can either be used alone or in combination.

Does your business model suffer from de-innovation symptoms?

Your business model can not target a new market segment or sub-divides the market in a new way.
Your business model fails to imply a different value model.
Your business model is not able to lead shifts in the value chain (the activities and processes that are coupled with the model and that generate added value in the business process).
Your business model can not lead to a new revenue model with a different pricing and cost structure.

How we can help? Our experts will respond to the key and structural challenges in your innovation model…

Industry models: Do you have a systematic way to envision future industry scenarios and implications for your innovation strategy?
Revenue models: How can you exploit new / emerging revenue models as well as new value offerings, and manage the implications for your business and competitive positioning
Enterprise models: Do you understand – and leverage – your unique capabilities and assets? What capabilities and processes do you have in place to develop, maintain, evaluate and terminate external collaboration for innovation?

The major pressures that directly or indirectly influence the business model…

Not to mention, your business model is subject to continuous change and influence from external pressures. As a knowledge worker and business designer it is your role to constantly reflect on how to adapt your company’s business model to this changing business. We will help you out to manage the pressures that are mainly coming from: Technological change, Competitive forces, Changes in customer demand, Changes in social environment, Changes in legal environment

To enter compete rivalry in the market with an innovative business model, you must question yourself….

Why should I respond?

  • Is this new business model attractive?
  • How does the new model threaten our current product range?
  • What are our competitors doing?

Can I respond?

  • Does the new model complement our current business model?
  • Is my organization sufficiently enterprising?
  • Is the organizational structure fit to undergo major change?

We have a dedicate hub in India, UK, Egypt to help you manage four phases making up the innovation process..

  • Scan and search their environments (internal and external) to pick up and process signals about potential innovation
  • Strategically select from this set of potential causes for innovation
  • Resource the option…this is not just about embodied knowledge, but about the surrounding bundle of knowledge which is needed to make the technology work.
  • Implement the innovation…growing it from an idea through various stages of development to final launch
  • Reflect upon the previous phases and review experience of success and failure


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