Tax Consulting


We’re here to focus on your “Taxes” while you focus on your life and business.

The demands on corporate tax departments have become increasingly challenging to manage. Complexities in accounting for income taxes are compounded by ever-increasing regulatory reporting requirements, data and communication challenges, and pressure to minimize variances between tax planning, provision, and the final tax filings with taxing authorities globally.

Estrategya’s Tax Performance Engineering team works with companies to design and document optimized processes, extract, transform and load source data, automate tax calculations, and implement or enhance the use of technology to streamline tax reporting. Estrategya offers a flexible approach to service delivery, allowing your team to focus on other value-enhancing activities

Our team has extensive tax technical and process-driven backgrounds allowing us to utilize real-world credentials and experiences in collaborating with clients to provide practical solutions used by leading companies in your industry and throughout the world.

Our services include :-

  • Process Assessment & Design ; Planning is key to any well-designed process. Tax process design is the basis upon which companies add technology, tools, and training. Without a strong tax foundation, the rest will breakdown. Our Tax Performance Engineering team begins with a current state assessment and whiteboarding session to review our clients’ processes, source data, data transformation, flow of data to tax engines and technologies, deliverables, timing, and formats. This allows us to engineer an optimized and comprehensive process for all tax deliverables.
  • Data Assessment & Tax Data Solutions; Estrategya helps clients of all sizes automate and optimize their tax processes. We work with companies to engineer tax data at the source, leverage tools that extract, transform, and cleanse tax data, and implement automation technologies to execute routine manual tasks.
  • Tax Technology Implementation & Optimization; Estrategya provides experienced resources that will assist you with the selection, implementation, and optimization of tax automation software, including tax provision, compliance, and indirect tax automation.
  • Workflow & Documentation; Estrategya’s processes and technologies provide tax departments with document management, workflow, collaboration, and calendar capabilities. Whether insourcing, outsourcing, or co-sourcing, the tax process steps, methodologies, documentation, tax work papers, and technologies we use are largely the same.
  • Training & Assistance; Members of the tax department are the true change agents to effect and implement technology enhancements and process improvements. Upon completion of a transformation project, your team not only needs to understand their optimized processes and tools, but also have the ongoing resources and support required to own, operate, and maintain them effectively. We consider the project a success when your team owns the new processes without the need for ongoing dependence upon outside resources.


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