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EQA Assessment

An external quality assessment, or EQA, evaluates conformance with the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), which includes the Code of Ethics, the Core Principles, the Definition of Internal Audit and the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (the IIA Standards).

The Challenge

Feedback should never be destined for a pie chart or a presentation or a filing drawer. Nor should it ever be intended solely for dashboards. Feedback is meant to initiate the right response from your organization. If you’re going to ignore what people tell you, why ask them in the first place? Especially when collecting that data could lead to security, governance, and compliance risks.

The problem is that most people initiate surveys with no clear plan for the outcome. Feedback is just collected and reported as anecdotes to check the “did you ask the customer?” box. Since feedback data often contains sensitive information, it can saddle companies with loads of data, little actionable value, and significant potential risk. With Estrategya, you collect the best data, integrate it into your existing business applications and processes, and act on it. All while maintaining strict data governance. We help you move from gathering feedback to acting on it and closing the loop with customers. 


Estrategya is designed to help marketing and market research get the market data they need, quickly and easily. To do more than merely find customers. To discern what matters most to customers and determine their real needs. By allowing you to see through all the noise, know which segments to go after, and which products will hit the mark. And when you start with the best possible feedback, it works for virtually any use case. Finding customers is an art and a science. With Estrategya, you can turn it into a real competitive advantage.




When it comes to customer acquisition, what we’re really talking about is establishing a deep understanding of what your customer is struggling with. It’s about discovery. Creating a hyper-personalized engagement with them that helps build authentic trust. And here again, we believe this is about putting the customer at the very center of the sales process. So we help ensure that this is exactly how the process goes. Helping you maintain it and grow it right through to onboarding. Earning more and more of their business in the process..


In a world where switching is easier than ever, how do you make sure you’re staying engaged and challenging your company to meet the needs of your customers – every day? You start by keeping your customer at the center of everything you do. You never take them for granted. And you make sure you’re listening, because customers only stay with you as long as they continue to feel heard. And we help you do this within the systems you already use. So the voice of the customer flows directly to sales, marketing, support and so on. And is acted on by the people who own that aspect of the relationship. With zero barriers to flow. So you can earn your customers’ loyalty every day. That’s how you keep them.



Expertise service.

Secure and compliant

Estrategya lets you consolidate and connect feedback across the organization. We provide freedom for your business to engage your customers, combined with the governance and security to protect the enterprise. Because while today it’s easy for individuals to license software and run a survey using their credit card, without any governance for the data they collect, it’s anything but secure. While this makes it easy for them to do their jobs, it could be trouble when you consider the sensitivity of the data collected. Do you know if that data is compliant (pick one or more – GDPR, HIPAA, PHI, PII, PCI, ISO, SOC, etc.)? The risk is present, even if most of that research ends in a dashboard.

Consolidating and connecting your feedback with Estrategya gives you a richer point of view while enabling people to follow corporate and IT standards. Security standards include: Team-based permissions; Role-based permissions; Single Sign-on (SSO) via SAML 2.0; Multifactor Authentication (MFA) with TOTP or SMS; Row-level data encryption; Configurable restrictions in multi-user accounts; and API access permission controls; Account-password restrictions. Estrategya also makes it easy to be compliant with: HIPAA; GDPR; PCI; WCAG; EU-US Privacy Shield; NIST CSF; CIS.

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